Friday, August 21, 2009

Danni Luo's labelmaker for the blind

Danni Luo's labelmaker for the blind: "


Guangzhou-based Danni Luo's Embossing Braille Printer concept aims to make things easier for the sight-impaired. Input comes by way of a microphone on the business end of the device, and the conical shape makes that business end easy to identify. In Luo's own words:

Most of the time, the blind can distinguish items by touch alone, but when they encounter items with similar shapes, they may have difficulties. The blind can also identify some items by smell or taste, but sometimes that can be risky.

Embossing braille printer is a handheld Braille printing device, which can help the blind to distinguish items with similar characteristics by using special embossed labels. With similar items such as pill bottles, CDs, or files, the blind can input concise external information through a voice-recognition recorder. This is printed onto a 25mm x 50mm label with embossed Braille characters and can then be stuck onto the corresponding items to avoid misidentification.



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